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Country: Russian FederationRussian Federation
Region: Московская обл.
Address: Одинцовский р-н Московской обл. пос. Чигасово д. 5
Phone: 8-926-247-24-62
Working hours: from 9 till 18
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Кинологический Центр Служебная собака

It is a little about our Cinology center.

The main thing in it - its ideology, expressed by the simple motto:

"Each dog - can and should be service!"

Now we actively work with our sports command.

We invite you to take part in our sports command.

Also, now we work above creation of our new base, which is conceived by us as the advanced educational center equipped by the advanced adaptations and shells for training of dogs.

On new base there will pass training of young experts-cynologists: the future instructors, handlers, figurants, veterinaries.

Data on the Organization.

The cynologist's Center " the Service dog ", is the union of the cynologist's organizations, clubs and nurseries, and also private persons and public organizations.

The purposes of the Organization:

- the organization of patriotic and educational work among youth,

- propagation of the most effective domestic methods training of dogs,

- the help to young members of club in vocational counselling,

- preparation of youth for service in army forces,

- assistance to development of the Russian breeds of service dogs.

Problems of the Center for the organizational period.

• Creation and development of material base of the Center.

• The help to members of the Center in the organization of the most effective work, on the concrete locations of branches of the Center.

• The organization of children's circles for employment by sports training with service dogs.

• Expansion of working contacts to the cynologist's organizations of Russia and abroad.

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